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Tom Cobb

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Independent Software Contractor

  • Campaign for Gary Hooser, Kauai County Council Member, former Senate Majority Leader, State of Hawaii – With a time budget of only 3 weeks, I developed, tested and deployed a Rails based web application enabling virtual phone banks. Helped enlist and train volunteers while continuing development, resulting in nearly a thousand highly targeted, person to person calls.
  •, Gainsville, FL – A company which enables organizations to offer carbon offset purchases to clients. Developed a new UI allowing rapid, dead simple creation and deployment of carbon offset calculator widgets to remote sites while retaining a customized user experience for each site. WordPress, PHP
  •, Kapaa, HI – created a subscription based service for music delivery. WordPress, PHP, custom payment systems and sales tracking.
  • Dataspace Industries, Lihue, HI – Worked on optimizing performance and migration issues for WordPress hosting.

Software Engineer at Cisco Systems

  • I spent a decade writing applications in Java, Javascript, Ruby, Perl, C#, SQL, et al. that integrated and managed multiple back end systems, including:
    • build systems
    • defect tracking systems
    • automated testing
    • software patch and service release installers
    • source control systems
  • Created and maintained a complete web based management system that kept 300 engineers patching enterprise telephony software successfully.
  • Wrote code that tracked patch and service release development, per file and per defect, across 7 enterprise and service provider software products, provided a unified management interface for source control access, branch tracking, and integration with the build system.
  • Automated the creation of installer scripts and wrote code tracking multiple dependencies across release lines inventing techniques that were patented. (United States United States Serial # 11/252,529)
  • Created a Ruby/Rails based application with an intuitive, drag and drop interface for communication and management between build systems and automated testing systems including scheduling, staging and provisioning.
  • Wrote a multi-threaded test harness in Java for load testing of telephony applications.